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  1. ATL Com Programming Reference by Richard Grimes.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- December 1998
  2. Beginning ATL 3 COM Programming by Richard Grimes, et al .Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 1 September, 1999
  3. Beginning ATL COM Programming by Richard Grimes, et al .Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- January 1998
  4. Beginning MFC COM Programming by J. Templeman.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- June 1997
  5. Building N-tier Applications with COM and Visual Basic 6.0 by Ash Rofail, Jose Mojica.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 25 March, 1999
  6. C# Com+ Programming (Professional Mindware) by Derek Beyer.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 3 December, 2001
  7. COM and CORBA, Side by Side: Architectures, Strategies and Implementations by Jason Pritchard.Addison Wesley. Paperback- July 1999
  8. COM and DCOM: Microsoft's Vision for Distributed Objects by Roger Sessions.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 22 October, 1997
  9. COM and .NET Component Services by Juval Lowy.O'Reilly UK. Paperback- 4 October, 2001
  10. COM and .NET Interoperability by Andrew Troelsen.Apress. Paperback- May 2002.
  11. COM Beyond Microsoft: Designing and Implementing COM Servers on Compaq Platforms by Gene Cronin, Terence P. Sherlock.Digital Press. Paperback- 1 June, 2000.
  12. COM-CORBA Interoperability by Sean Joyce, et al .Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 1 January, 1999.
  13. COM/DCOM Unleashed (MACCOM/UNL) by Daniel Wygant.Sams. Paperback- 31 March, 1999
  14. Com+ Developers Reference Library by D. Iseminger.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 19 September, 2000.
  15. COM IDL and Interface Design by Alan Major.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 1 February, 1999
  16. COM Programming by Example by John E. Swanke.R & D. Paperback- 1 June, 2000
  17. COM Programming with .NET by J Templeman.Microsoft Press International. Hardcover- 26 February, 2003.
  18. COM+ Programming with Visual Basic by Jose Mojica.O'Reilly UK. Paperback- 22 June, 2001.
  19. COM+ Unleashed (Unleashed) by Rick Leinecker.Sams. Paperback- 24 August, 2000.
  20. COM+ & XML: on the Edge by Rick Leinecker.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 1 May, 2001
  21. Delphi COM Programming by Eric Harmon.New Riders. Paperback- 4 February, 2000
  22. Delphi Programming with COM and ACTIVEX by Ponamarev.Charles River Media. Paperback- 1 September, 2002.
  23. Designing Solutions with Com+ Technologies by R. Brown, et al.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 8 January, 2001.
  24. Developer's Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0 by Andrew W Troelsen.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- 1 April, 2000
  25. Distributed COM Application Development Using Visual Basic 6.0 (Prentice Hall Series on Microsoft Technologies) by Jim Maloney.Prentice Hall. Paperback- May 1999
  26. Distributed COM Applications Development Using Visual C++6.0 by Jim Maloney.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- January 2000
  27. Effective COM: 50 Ways to Improve Your COM and MTS-based Applications (Object Technology Series) by Don Box, et al .Addison Wesley. Paperback- 1 December, 1998
  28. Effective Visual Basic: How to Improve Your VB/COM+ Applications (AW DevelopMentor Series) by Joe Hummel, et al .Addison Wesley. Paperback- 1 June, 2001
  29. Essential COM: Building Distributed Objects Using C++ and OLE (OBT) by Don Box.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 1 December, 1997
  30. Essential IDL: Interface Design for COM (AW DevelopMentor Series) by Martin Gudgin.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 30 November, 2000
  31. Essential WinInet: Developing Applications Using the Windows Internet API with RAS, ISAPI, ASP, and COM by Aaron Skonnard.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 1 December, 1998
  32. Inside COM by Dale Rogerson.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 1996
  33. Inside COM+ Base Services by Guy Eddon, H. Eddon.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 1 September, 1999
  34. Inside Distributed COM by Guy Eddon, Henry Eddon.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 19 March, 1998
  35. Mastering COM and COM+ by Ash Rofail, Yasser Shohoud.Sybex International. Paperback- 8 November, 1999
  36. Microsoft SQL Server 7 Applications with COM by Sanjiv Purba.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 22 March, 1999
  37. .Net and Com Interoperability Handbook (The Integrated .NET Series from Object Innovations) by Alan Gordon.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 1 January, 2003.
  38. .Net and Com: The Complete Interoperability Guide by A. Nathan.Sams. Paperback- 8 February, 2002
  39. Professional ATL COM Programming by Richard Grimes.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 17 September, 1998
  40. Professional Com Applications with ATL by Sing Li.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- August 1998
  41. Professional Visual Basic 6: a Programmers Resource by Jerry Ablan, et al .Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 1 January, 2003.
  42. Professional Visual Basic 6 MTS Programming (VB COM Series) by Matt Bortniker.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- June 1999
  43. Professional Visual Basic Interoperability - COM and VB6 to .NET by Billy Hollis, Rockford Lhotka.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 14 February, 2002.
  44. Professional Visual C++ 5: ActiveX/COM Control Programming by Sing Li, Panos Economopoulos.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- April 1997
  45. Programming Distributed Applications with COM and Microsoft Visual Basic by Ted Pattison.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 21 October, 1998
  46. Programming Distributed Applications with COM+ and Visual Basic 6 by T. Pattison.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 19 June, 2000
  47. The COM/DCOM Blue Book by N. Wallace.Coriolis Group. Paperback- 22 April, 1999
  48. The COM to COM+ Programming Primer by Alan Gordon.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 1 April, 2000.
  49. The Essence of COM and ActiveX: A Programmer's Workbook by David S. Platt.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 18 December, 1997
  50. The Waite Group's COM/DCOM Primer Plus (The Waite Group) by John Cadman.Sams. Unknown Binding- 1 December, 1998
  51. Transactional COM+: Building Scalable Applications (AW DevelopMentor Series) by Tim Ewald.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 14 March, 2001
  52. Understanding and Programming COM+: A Practical Guide to Windows 2000 DNA by Robert Oberg.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 1 December, 1999
  53. Understanding COM+ by D. Platt.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- 1 June, 1999
  54. VB COM: a Visual Basic Programmer's Introduction to COM by Thomas Lewis.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- 1 January, 1999
  55. Visual Basic and COM+ Programming by Example (By Example) by Pieshu Li.Que. Paperback- 1 November, 2000
  56. Visual Basic Developer's Guide to COM and COM+ by Wayne S. Freeze.Sybex International. Paperback- 26 October, 1999
  57. Web Programming with ASP and COM by Matt Crouch.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 1 November, 1999.
  58. Windows Programming Made Easy: Using Object Technology, COM, and the Windows Eiffel Library (Object and Component Technology Series) by Glen Maughan, Raphael Simon.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 26 October, 2000.

Limited Availability (or not yet or recently published)

  2. COM/DCOM Developer's Handbook BK/CD: COM/DCOM Developers Hndbk BK/CD by Williams.Sybex International. Paperback- 1 March, 1998.
  3. Com+ Programming Bible by Jeff Miller.John Wiley & Sons (C). Paperback- 1 June, 2001.
  4. Com Sync Suite Companion by Inc Palmsource.Iuniverse.Com. Paperback- 1 July, 2002.
  5. Com Sync Suite Reference by Inc Palmsource.Iuniverse.Com. Paperback- 1 July, 2002.
  6. Com Together - With Domino by IBM Redbooks.. Paperback- 1 May, 2000.
  7. Data Structures & Algorithms in Java with KAWA Com Piler for Java Set by Goodrich.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Hardcover- 8 August, 2001.
  8. Delphi Developer's Guide to COM+ by Andrew Rodygin.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- 1 January, 1994.
  9. Developer's Workshop to Com and Visual Basic 6.0 by Andrew Troelsen.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- 1 July, 2001.
  10. Inside Java & Com by Huddleston.Addison-Wesley Pub Co (C). Paperback- 1 June, 2002.
  11. Intro to IT with WSJ COM Password Set by Turban.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Hardcover- 7 August, 2001.
  12. PC Magazine Guide to OLE/COM Programming by John Lam.Ziff-Davis Press. Unknown Binding- 1 June, 1996.
  13. Proceedings 6 Com Sac 82: 82Ch18101 by Compsac 82.IEEE. Paperback- 1 June, 1983.
  14. Software Process Technology: 4th European Workshop, Ewspt '95, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, April 3-5, 1995 : Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Com) by Wilhelm Schafer.Springer Verlag. Hardcover- 1 March, 1995.
  15. Teach Yourself COM+ Programming (Teach Yourself (IDG)) by Paul Thurrott, Nathan Wallace.Hungry Minds. Paperback- 1 September, 2000.
  16. WIDNALL: APPLICATION OPT CONT THRY COM by William S. Widnall.The MIT Press. Hardcover- June 1968.