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  1. Activex and the Internet by Forest Lin.Scott Jones. Unknown Binding- 1 January, 1998.
  2. Activex Developer's Guide by Oliver.Microsoft Press International. Unknown Binding- 1997.
  3. ActiveX Development with Visual Basic 5 by E. Petroutsos.Ventana Communications Group Inc. Paperback- 16 June, 1997
  4. ActiveX Masters Handbook by M. Pope.Prima Publishing,U.S.. Paperback- December 1996.
  5. ActiveX: No Experience Required (No Experience Required) by Joe Schmuller.Sybex International. Paperback- 25 June, 1997
  6. Activex Programmer's Library by Sam Lalani, Ramesh Chandak.Jamsa Press. Paperback- December 1996
  7. ActiveX Technical Reference by Bud Aaron.Prima Publishing,U.S.. Paperback- April 1997.
  8. ActiveX Visual Basic 5: Control Creation Edition (Prentice-Hall Activex) by Gary Cornell, Dave Jezak.Prentice Hall. Paperback- 10 February, 1997
  9. ActiveX Web Programming by Adam Blum.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 10 January, 1997
  10. ADO: ActiveX Data Objects by Jason T. Roff.O'Reilly UK. Paperback- 12 July, 2001.
  11. Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 6 by Dan Appleman.Sams. Paperback- 27 November, 1998
  12. Delphi Internet Development: Utilizing ActiveX, ISAPI, JAVA and VRML for Internet Solutions by John Kaster, et al .McGraw-Hill Education. Paperback- 1 March, 1998.
  13. Delphi Programming with COM and ACTIVEX by Ponamarev.Charles River Media. Paperback- 1 September, 2002.
  14. Developing ActiveX Web Controls: The Hands-on Guide to Creating Powerful Controls on the Web by Al Williams.Coriolis Group. Unknown Binding- September 1996.
  15. Developing Java and ActiveX Business Applications: Using Supercede for Cutting Edge Web Development by Bill Wilkinson, Shabbir Dahod.Osborne McGraw-Hill. Paperback- 1 September, 1997.
  16. Essential Delphi 3 Fast: Includes ActiveX Control Development (Essential) by John Cowell.Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG. Paperback- 1 January, 1998.
  17. Essential Visual Basic 5.0 Fast: Includes ActiveX Control Development (Essential) by John Cowell.Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG. Paperback- August 1997.
  18. Exploring ActiveX by Shannon R. Turlington.Ventana Communications Group Inc. Paperback- November 1996.
  19. HTML 4, Java 1.1, and ActiveX Web Publishing Unleashed (Unleashed) by brain Croft, Michael Moncur.Sams. Paperback- 1 January, 1998
  20. Instant Visual Basic 5 ActiveX Control Creation by Andrew Enfield, et al .Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- January 1997
  21. Interactive Web Publishing with Microsoft Tools: Creating Internet/Intranet Applications with Microsoft's ActiveX Technology by Evangelos Petroutsos.Ventana Communications Group Inc. Unknown Binding- 26 November, 1996.
  22. Internet Explorer: Plug-in and Activex by S. Krishna.Que. Paperback- 10 April, 1997.
  23. Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: ActiveX and VB (Laura Lemay's Web Workshop) by Paul Lomax.Sams. Paperback- 10 January, 1997
  24. Learn ActiveX Development Using Visual C++ 6.0 by Nathan Wallace.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- 1 April, 1999
  25. Learn ActiveX Scripting with Microsoft Internet Exporer 4.0 by Nathan Wallace.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- August 1998.
  26. Mastering ActiveX by Owen Williams.Sybex International. Paperback- 30 November, 1997.
  27. Mastering ActiveX with CD-ROM by Bud Aaron, Ben Thompson.Prima Publishing. Paperback- November 1996
  28. Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX by Carlton Egremont III.Addison Wesley. Paperback- 20 October, 1998
  29. Professional Visual C++ 5: ActiveX/COM Control Programming by Sing Li, Panos Economopoulos.Wrox Press Ltd. Paperback- April 1997
  30. Programming Active Server Pages by Daniel Mezick, Scot Hillier.Microsoft Press International. Paperback- December 1997
  31. Programming ActiveX Components with Visual Basic by Dan Appleman.Ziff Davis. Paperback- 22 April, 1997
  32. Sams Teach Yourself ActiveX Programming with Visual Basic in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself) by Keith Brophy, Tim Koets.Sams. Paperback- 19 June, 1997
  33. The Essence of COM and ActiveX: A Programmer's Workbook by David S. Platt.Prentice Hall PTR. Paperback- 18 December, 1997
  34. Understanding OLE and ActiveX by David Chappell.Microsoft Press International. Hardcover- 1995
  35. Visual Basic Script and ActiveX Wizardry: Master the Art of Creating Interactive Web Pages with Visual Basic Script and ActiveX by Scott Palmer.Coriolis Group. Paperback- October 1996.
  36. Visual Basic with ActiveX Controls by Wayne S. Freeze.Prima Publishing,U.S.. Paperback- November 1996
  37. Visual Developer Creating ActiveX Controls with Visual Basic 5: The Comprehensive Guide for Creating Powerful Web Controls by Williams.Coriolis Group. Paperback- May 1997
  38. Web Developer's Guide to Visual J++ and ActiveX: The Ultimate Guide to Harnessing the Combined Power of Visual J++ and ActiveX by Trevor Harmon.Coriolis Group. Paperback- January 1997.
  39. Web Publishing Unleashed - Professional Reference Edition: HTML 3.2, CGI, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, VBScript (Unleashed) by William, R. Stanek, et al.Sams. Paperback- 30 December, 1996
  40. Webside Development with ActiveX: Developing Series Websites (The Prentice Hall PTR ActiveX Series) by Zane Lang.Pearson Education. Paperback- 23 September, 1997

Limited Availability (or not yet or recently published)

  1. Activex Controls & Internet Application. Pearson Custom Pub. Paperback- 1 May, 2000.
  2. Activex Developers Guide/CD by Sanjaya Paperback- 1 March, 1997.
  3. Activex for Dummies by K.D. Fenstermacher.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Paperback- 1 March, 1997.
  4. ActiveX from the Ground Up by John Mueller.Osborne McGraw-Hill. Paperback- December 1996.
  5. ActiveX Scripting Interactive Course (Interactive Course) by Nathan Wallace.Waite Group. Paperback- 1 June, 1997.
  6. ActiveX Visual Basic 5.0 by Guy Eddon, Henry Eddon.MC Graw Hill. Paperback- May 1998.
  7. ActiveX Web Developer's Companion by Nate Zelnick.Osborne McGraw-Hill. Paperback- 1 February, 1998.
  8. Building ActiveX Controls by Aaron.New Riders. Paperback- 1 March, 1997.
  9. Building Activex Controls by William H. Murray, Chris H. Pappas.Morgan Kaufmann Pub. Paperback- 1 August, 1997.
  10. Building VBX Applications with ActiveX Controls, with CD-ROM by Wayne S. Freeze, Charles A. Wood.Prima Publishing. Paperback- 1 December, 1996.
  11. Controles ActiveX a Fondo by Adam Denning.MC Graw Hill. Paperback- May 1998.
  12. CORBA ActiveX y Java Beans by Jean-Marie Chauvet.Gestion 2000. Paperback- June 1997.
  13. Creating Your Own Activex Web by Que Corporation, Mark Surfas.Que. Paperback- 1 January, 1997.
  14. Desarrollo de Componentes ActiveX Con Visual by Dan Appleman.Inforbooks. Paperback- February 1999.
  15. Designing and Using ActiveX Controls by Tom Armstrong.John Wiley & Sons Inc. Unknown Binding- 23 January, 1997.
  16. Developing ActiveX Controls: Building Interactive Pages with ActiveX Controls by Dejan Jelovic.BradyGAMES. Unknown Binding- 13 May, 1997.
  17. Learn Activex Development Using Visual Basic 5.0 by N. Wallace.Wordware Publishing, Inc. Paperback- 1 January, 1998.
  18. Programacion En ActiveX Con Visual Basic by Francisco Charte Ojeda.Anaya Multimedia. Paperback- October 1998.
  19. Roger Jennings' Database Workshop: ActiveX Data Objects and Advanced Data Connector (Roger Jennings' Database Workshop) by Niels Berglund, Jeff A. Stucker.Sams. Paperback- 30 November, 1997.
  20. Sams Teach Yourself ActiveX Controls with Visual C++ in 14 Days (Sams Teach Yourself) by Vince Mayfield.Sams. Paperback- 1 June, 1997.
  21. Sams Teach Yourself ActiveX Programming with Visual J++ in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself) by Keith Brophy, Tim Koets.Sams. Unknown Binding- 1 June, 1997.
  22. Using Activex and Ole With Centura by Ajay Sravanapadi.Pro Pub. Paperback- 1 May, 1997.
  23. Web Programming with ActiveX by John Mueller.Sams Publishing. Paperback- 1 March, 1997.